About Us

Beechey Management Resources provides full service Human Resources Consulting services as well as Specialized Recruitment Services. Our clients come from various industries; from manufacturing to service, small to mid-size, but all have a need for professional, full service, recruitment & HR Solutions.

With the increase in small businesses in our community, we have grown our business to provide H.R. support for those who do not have the capacity to have a full – time H.R. Manager on site. It is important for us to build a relationship with our client and the teams that we support. We are available for one-time solutions or projects, or on a regular support basis as required.

More About Lynn

Lynn Beechey, a Certified Personnel Consultant, is a recruitment professional who has business experience in almost all industry sectors. She specializes in providing H.R. Solutions and Full-Service Recruitment campaigns to strengthen her client’s teams and develop structure for your business. As an extension of your organization’s team, you can count on her to support your business goals and objectives.

Through the development of professional recruitment campaigns, Lynn works to identify the best candidates for you combining direct recruitment as well as leveraging her extensive network and database. Her evaluation of candidates goes beyond just a resume; she evaluates career progression, potential and most importantly, fit, specifically against the opportunities within your business.

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